Writing as a Process of Creativity

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Writing as a process can be rather difficult. However, there are some tips that can make it easier. Follow our guidelines and you will be successful in writing. As a result, you will earn the highest grades for your papers.

  • Don’t panic, even if writing is difficult for you. Students worry about writer’s block or that what they write will make no sense and that they will end up deleting a full day’s work. But writing as a process does not need to be stressful if one breaks it into small, manageable tasks.

  • Write from the heart, not the textbook. Perhaps some teachers don’t like that the student does not develop an outline first. But some successful writers don’t plot a story out beforehand, don’t develop a framework, or don’t progress through several drafts. They simply present writing as a process of creativity. They sit down and let the paper reveal itself as their fingers fly over the keyboards. This is especially true when one writes on a topic on which one feels passionate.
  • In writing fiction, you should have one character that you could fall in love with. It is a perfect motivation for getting to the computer every morning. It will make your writing processes more interesting.
  • Find great friends who will provide moral support during writing processes. Good friends will always be there if you feel panic or stress, and we already know that this is common during the writing process.
  • Don’t take a low grade to heart. It is really hard not to let a low grade upset you, but you really do have to develop a thick skin. There is nothing else for it than to keep going and hope a high grade is just around the corner. That’s why you should not be discouraged by writing processes.

Good writing is like good music – it is transparent. One understands it without any effort other than through using one’s senses. It is when you stop using your senses that a problem appears. When you find yourself getting confused, the difficulty may be the quality of the writing, not the topic.
Precise word choice and logical organization can solve many writing problems. Do not pull out the thesaurus for the purpose of trying to sound intelligent. State your ideas in the clearest manner possible. Write not to impress, but to communicate. You will lose your readers if they need a dictionary for every other sentence. A concise paper is so rare that your readers will find it refreshing. It is much harder to write concisely than it is to ramble.
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