Tips to Get Through Freshers’ Week

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The first week at the university can be rather terrifying. We’ve gathered some tips that can be help you to get through freshers’ week successfully.

  • Your roommates are not necessary your best friends.

When you first meet your roommates, you will think that you have found your soul mates. You will spend lots of time clinging to them and thinking that you’re not alone. However, don’t let your roommates stop you from meeting new people. First, freshers’ week is the best time to meet with new friends – the sooner – the better.
The lack of common ground with roommates can make your first year difficult. When the novelty fades, you may realize that you do not have much in common. You’ll end up making friends with other people, whatever you do.

  • Budgeting is difficult during freshers’ week.

One of the most important tasks when you move from home is keeping track of your money. When it comes to money, you’d better listen to professional advice; however, strict budgeting during freshers’ week is not going to work. It is likely that there will be some necessity that you will have forgotten.

  • Bring an Ethernet cable.

This is truly necessary. Sometimes universities don’t provide them.

  • Find a hobby.

The best thing to do if you are a freshman is to join a club or organization if possible. Getting involved in clubs is the best way to get to know new people. You can find people with similar interests there. Universities are filled with all kinds of people.
Prolonged commitments are also great for your CV. A membership and participation in a professional organization will let potential employers know that you are serious about your future career. Also, a hooby is great for your college mental health.

  • Select the right courses.

This is obvious. However making big decisions during the first week may be overwhelming. You may find yourself caught up in lots of events. This may distract you from determining what courses are the best ones to take your first year. This can seriously impact your ability to complete the degree program.
Be certain to ask your advisor which courses are required for your study. However, if you do select the wrong course, most universities allow you a grace period for adding or dropping courses.

  • Purchase used textbooks.

Try to find used books from previous students. Many textbooks will be useless after your first year in college – that’s why it is a waste of money to buy new ones. Additionally, previous students often highlight and make notations in their textbooks on main points. This can help you know what to study.
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