Tips for Students Applying to Top UK Universities

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Competition for enrollment places at top UK universities is complicated. For example, for Oxford, on the average, five applicants compete for each place. Moreover, each is outstanding in some way. How will you maximize your chance for success?

  • Ensure you have the right subject combinations at the A level. Discuss with your teacher your future plans and personal strengths to get the right program of A level subjects for UK university and career before enrolling in a university.
  • Add some value to your studies. Top UK universities will expect high grades so it’s important that you get these.

It is not a secret that small classes enable students to discuss course materials and understand it more fully. You can always meet up with your teachers between lessons to discuss anything if you need support. You can also sit in on additional classes. But you need more than just high grades. You should show academic interest in your courses at the university. Students should develop an extended project in a field of their choice, which means they write a short dissertation as proof of independent learning and research skills. Don’t forget that a successful student competes in the Olympiads, enters national competitions, and gets work experience to develop their interests.

  • Develop an effective personal statement. It should be focused on why you would be a good student for the program you selected. You need to show an intellectual enthusiasm for the subject and skills necessary to do well at a UK university. A personal statement should be carefully crafted and your personal tutor should provide you with the necessary tips to strengthen your ideas and student profile.
  • Prepare carefully. A few UK universities conduct interviews. That’s why you should practice answering interview questions. The questions will be designed to test your intellectual abilities. Also, you may have a test, and so you should be prepared for it.

What is the A-Level Plus Program?

Oxford Tutorial College delivers a unique program called A-level Plus. It prepares all international students for applications to a wide range of competitive degree programs at the most popular universities, blending the study of selected subjects with academic language and study skills. The first requirement is that you are at least 16 years old with a level of IELTS of 5.5+ and have completed the 11th year successfully. You will need two years to complete a course in a maximum class size of 8.

You may receive advice and have an opportunity to enroll in a comprehensive program in higher education and careers. This support will help you select the right program and UK university, to succeed during freshers’ week, and develop a strong application.

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