Steps to Power Proofreading

Even if you deal with writing successfully, you still may have some problems with proofreading. Especially if you don’t have required skills, proofreading can become a real struggle. Check out our tips for power proofreading that can help you with such a difficult task.

Print It Out

The best way to proofread your paper is to read aloud with a pen in your hand. Reading aloud makes you move slowly, and your ears will catch mistakes that your eyes can’t. That’s why if you want to start power proofreading, it is a good idea to read your text from print. In this way, you can fix visible mistakes and mark places that don’t sound right.

Begin with a Clear Read

Many students prefer to edit for grammar, spelling and punctuation all at once, and that’s is ok. Most word processing programs do a good job of noticing basic spelling mistakes. Students too often look simply at those places that are flagged. For power proofreading, start at the beginning of the paper and work through the whole text.

Use Spell Check

In the last ten years, spell check has improved significantly – that’s why you can trust it. However, the spell check program will not necessarily tell you if you use the right word, it will only show if you spell a word correctly. That’s why reading aloud is so helpful for revising and editing – your ears will tell you if something does not sound right. By the way, if you don’t know what a word really means, don’t use it, as you can’t be certain that you are using it correctly.

Check an Online Source

Online sources are helpful if you know what you are looking for. For example, Grammar Girl is rather useful and entertaining. OWL is also a good one. In addition, Grammarly offers a helpful online service that will help you with you revising and editing.

Fresh Set of Eyes

It is really important to have someone proofread your text, but remember that not everybody feels comfortable critiquing someone else’s grammar. You can use such help to find paragraphs that sound awkward and find out whether your argument makes sense or not. That’s really useful input for revising and editing.

Work on Your Ideas

We advise you to consider writing, revising and editing as separate processes. Some professional writers can deal with these tasks simultaneously; however, a great writer always revises and edits more at the end.

Sometimes it helps to simply get a draft down without about worrying what it sounds like – that’s when you should work through your ideas. When you know what you are trying to say, you can make your paper say that. Revising is reviewing your work and improving clarity and organization.

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