Job-Hunting Student Tips

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Searching for a job is like a job in itself, so here are some student tips to help with the hefty task of searching for a job.

Be Organized

Your computer and you are going to become best friends, as many companies have online application forms and want to see a good cover letter received via email. That is why being organized is vital. Note each job you apply for and check off the completed applications, whether you received a reply or not.

Have an Updated CV

Students should update their college student resumes regularly and ensure it is adapted suitably to every job for which you apply to reflect the job description. If your experience branches outside your industry, note how your unique experience will aid you in the job for which you are applying. These may be experiences like working in a café which helped you to develop time management skills, skills that you can carry over into another job.

Develop an Effective Cover Letter

A good cover letter is a chance to shine when it comes to applying for a job. Be sure you’re not repeating your CV; instead, you’re outlining why you are a valid candidate for the job. Keep a good cover letter to one or two pages in length and make use of simple bullet points. The cover letter must be concise and clear.

Set Several Goals

Think about short and long-term career goals. Consider what steps you should take to achieve these goals. Apply for jobs that will offer important experience and match your ambitions. This is one of the most helpful student tips for job hunting.


Have you heard the expression “It is not what you know; it is who you know”? It does not mean that applying for a job is a waste of time; however, it means that contacts are important. One of the best student tips is to start asking anyone you know if they are able to help you in your job hunt.

Social Media

The majority of companies have accounts in Twitter and Facebook. That’s why it’s important to follow them. The freedom in using social media is you can follow influential people who are in your industry without knowing them personally. LinkedIn is also helpful in finding potential jobs you may want. Think of LinkedIn account as a professional profile in Facebook.

Work Experience

Many students think that it’s academia that will land them the perfect job right after school, college or university. But here is the problem: students can’t get employed if they do not have plenty of experience. However, they cannot get experience if no one will employ them. This is where work experience comes in to play. Any job experience is a perfect way to get your foot in the door.
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