How to Use an Idiomatic Phrase in Your Writing

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What is an idiomatic phrase? It is a set of words that are put together and that have a figurative meaning. Everyone uses idioms. You can even not realize that you are using idioms. They became an integral part of our everyday language. Sometimes when we try not to use an idiom, we are replacing it with another of its type.

Is an Idiomatic Phrase Acceptable in General Writing?

Can you use an idiomatic phrase in your general writing? It depends on the type of writing you are going to deal with. If you write something for a blog, a site, or something conversational, you can use idioms without hesitation. In these cases, idioms will make your writing more interesting and friendly to readers.

An idiomatic phrase is a great literary device for your essay. No one wants to read a boring essay that flows in monotone. Readers want to be entertained while they are reading your essay. If you reach that aim, you can be sure that your grade will be high. Idioms can lighten your work and help you get rid of formality. Idioms have an informal touch and they are on the line between formal and informal writing.

Avoiding commonly used idioms is not a good idea. However, you should not overuse them in your writing. Carefully select your idioms when you write a sentence; you should ensure they fit your paper perfectly. When it comes to writing, you should know exactly what you are doing. Don’t use more than one idiom in one sentence.

Each language has its own set of wise sayings. They provide a piece of advice about how to live and transfer values of a given society. Commonly used idioms have a figurative meaning and they work with so-called “pictures.”

Commonly used idioms can help foreigners speak English by learning these expressions. Also, they can make your language more literal. Learning idioms is a great way of improving your language. We’ve prepared some of them as examples.

  • A hot potato – A topic or an issue that is talked about by many people.
  • Actions speak louder than words – People are judged better by their actions than by what they say.
  • An arm and a leg – A large amount of money; a high cost.
  • Add insult to injury – To make an unfavorable situation even worse.
  • Back to the drawing board – When a person starts something all over.
  • At the drop of a hat – Instantly.
  • Barking up the wrong tree – Accusing the wrong person.
  • Ball is in your court – When a person should make a decision.

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