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The dreaded dissertation shouldn’t be so dreaded. You should love writing it. However, it frightens most doctoral students. Writing thousands of words on one subject is not easy and for many students, it is the first time they have attempted anything of the kind. With this in mind and having come out on the other side in one piece, we decided to draw up a list of dissertation ideas on how to survive your paper.

  • Subject

This is important. You cannot do anything until you have decided upon this. Don’t think about the title for now; that will come later. Writing an essay on the dissertation topic will help you to prepare for dissertation writing. The word count will limit you, and you will have an opportunity to write more in your dissertation.

Conduct research on what interests you about your dissertation topic. It can be a starting point for writing. This is where many students go wrong; they think too much about what looks like a good research topic for a dissertation rather than thinking about what really may interest them.

You should pick a dissertation topic you know you will be interesting in researching and writing about; otherwise, it will be hard-going, and you will find it difficult to motivate yourself. The topic needs to be something you are truly interested in researching, since you will spend months reading and exploring it. It is much better if you are passionate about your topic than if you simply picked something you thought would be easy on which to complete a study.

  • Notebook

Have a notebook in which you can write down dissertation ideas, sentences or even small paragraphs. It is very useful. You will constantly have new ideas occur to you that you might forget moments later, so have a ready place to record ideas as they occur to you.

  • Quotes

Put colored crosses next to your highlighted quotes. Every chapter may have its own color, so when you are conducting your reading, you can mark whichever chapter quote is suitable for your purposes. This makes it so much easier to find dissertation ideas and quotes as you are able to flick through your research without having to read each quote a again.

  • Favorite tweets

The Favorite button on Twitter can be a great tool for saving articles. You can favorite it and go back to read it later. In order to find relevant news articles, you can follow other accounts related to your subject. It is a great platform to find the most updated content, which means you find get it all in one location.
Dissertation writing is rather a solitary process; however, it does not mean you should do it completely on your own. Get fellow students in your courses involved; you are all in the same boat.
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