Steps to Power Proofreading

Even if you deal with writing successfully, you still may have some problems with proofreading. Especially if you don’t have required skills, proofreading can become a real struggle. Check out our tips for power proofreading that can help you with such a difficult task.

Print It Out

The best way to proofread your paper is to read aloud with a pen in your hand. Reading aloud makes you move slowly, and your ears will catch mistakes that your eyes can’t. That’s why if you want to start power proofreading, it is a good idea to read your text from print. In this way, you can fix visible mistakes and mark places that don’t sound right.

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Why Expensive Educational Books Can Cost Degrees

There is a time of the year when of A-level result come out. Each summer, many sixth formers nervously unseal scratchy, brown envelopes to find out they’ve entered the university. For those lucky people who got a place a university, exciting life begins with an academic year.

Students get a reading list. These beacons of academic wisdom are compiled by universities to guide students in book-form through the academic year. Actually, now you must buy some books. You should be prepared to spend some serious amounts of cash.

Books Spending

You will probably spend a large part of your time reading. Usually, there are some old buildings on campuses that are dedicated to this popular student pastime. However, why do educational books have to be so expensive? It is not a secret that course essentials and books costs are the most popular students’ worry. They cause even more stress than lack of access to teachers or poor living conditions. This is not hard to see when you get your book bills.

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Help with Original Dissertation Ideas

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The dreaded dissertation shouldn’t be so dreaded. You should love writing it. However, it frightens most doctoral students. Writing thousands of words on one subject is not easy and for many students, it is the first time they have attempted anything of the kind. With this in mind and having come out on the other side in one piece, we decided to draw up a list of dissertation ideas on how to survive your paper.

  • Subject

This is important. You cannot do anything until you have decided upon this. Don’t think about the title for now; that will come later. Writing an essay on the dissertation topic will help you to prepare for dissertation writing. The word count will limit you, and you will have an opportunity to write more in your dissertation.

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Helpful IELTS Writing Tips

There is no secret that passing IELTS is a rather difficult task. If you want to get a high IELTS score, you’d better develop some strategies. We can help you to become successful during your IELTS – simply check out our tips.

Don’t Write too Little

Usually, you have 150 words to write in task 1, and 250 words to write for task 2. You should be sure that you write at least the minimum number of words so that your IELTS score is not penalized. Try to write as much as possible – it is easier to shorten your text later than to add more.

Start determining how long it normally takes you to write 150 words and 250 words. You should also count how many lines equal to 150 words and 250 words. That way, you’ll know how much you’ve written during the test without using precious testing time to count all the words. You will have not much time to complete your IELTS writing within the time constraints of the test, so don’t waste it on unnecessary tasks.

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High School Summer Reading List 2015

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If you believe that summer is not only for laziness, but for some useful activity as well, you should check out the following post. What can be more useful for your future study year than reading? We’ve prepared a high school summer reading list of books you can read by the pool, on the beach, or in the quiet space in your home. So, you can combine your rest with helpful activity. Besides studies show that access to books during the summer prevents a drastic loss in reading skill – especially for students in need. What is on your list this summer?

The Storied Life OF A. J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

What is it about: The story is about a lonely bookstore owner who is experienced the worst sales. His rare Poe’s poems collection has been stolen, but he finds a mysterious package at the book store…

Where to read: At the book cafe.

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Things to Do to Be a Successful Student

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It is a fact that many successful students do certain things that others simply don’t do. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad student if you don’t do those things, but you can enhance your studies with them. We will consider some techniques that all good students use.

Don’t Leave It to the Last Minute

Even if scholars have many materials to read through, successful students do not let procrastination distract them. Start reading, researching and writing as soon as possible. It will give you more time to develop your arguments and you’ll not have any stress while completing your assignment at the last minute.

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How to Use an Idiomatic Phrase in Your Writing

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What is an idiomatic phrase? It is a set of words that are put together and that have a figurative meaning. Everyone uses idioms. You can even not realize that you are using idioms. They became an integral part of our everyday language. Sometimes when we try not to use an idiom, we are replacing it with another of its type.

Is an Idiomatic Phrase Acceptable in General Writing?

Can you use an idiomatic phrase in your general writing? It depends on the type of writing you are going to deal with. If you write something for a blog, a site, or something conversational, you can use idioms without hesitation. In these cases, idioms will make your writing more interesting and friendly to readers.

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Techniques for Informative Writing

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If you are going to deal with informative writing, ensure that you use the right techniques. Otherwise, your paper will not have any substance. Usually, such essays are flowery and doctored-up creations. This essay cites one or two facts and leaves readers with no more knowledge of the topic than when they started reading a paper.

Guidelines for Informative Writing

If you want to inform your readers, you should follow some guidelines to be sure that your words are informative and memorable. We’ve prepared several hints that will make your informative writing powerful and fact-based.

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